Dreamer Studios

At Dreamer Studios it's not about awards like an over priced ad agency. It's not simply about "cool", pushing envelopes, jumping out of boxes or pandering to the egos. At Dreamer studios it's about creating what is right for our clients. Sure we can get so far outside standard design constraints that you'd have to send a Mars rover to find us, but is that right for your project? We work with you to create what your are trying to convey.

Why Choose Us?

When we say Rock Star Design & Garage Band Prices we mean it. We create great designs at great prices and we can work equally as well with ink as we can with pixels. Whatever your project may be, we create designs that are exactly what you were looking for.

Featured Designs

Sabbath Knights Promo Post Card
Sabbath Knights VIP badge design
Vinny Appice promotional photo
Torque converter exploded view animation

Our Services

imac INK - We do print design very well! We work with you to get you the perfect design for your project. Don't settle for clip art, cookie cutter print, branding and website design generated by a graphics mill or AI.

imac Logos, Great Ones - With decades of great branding behind us, your logo is going to be exactly what you envisioned and look great any size and any use. Don't settle for less in your company identity let us create the perfect logo for you.

imac Pixels - With the advent of "do it yourself" website design spaces, websites are losing their uniqueness with standard templates and stock graphics that abound in this arena. We can create sites that offer the same features but are unique to you.

imac Cool People - Nothing worse than working with a "Diva Designer." We are everything NOT that! We listen adapt and design to fit your needs, not ours. It's simple, designs created for you based on your input. Stop settling for design that is close.

Design Samples

web Website re-design for Carmine Appice
web Website site build for Sergeant Stripes
web Website for Kaspo Inc. EMS 2024 Give-a-way contest
web Sabbath Knights Website.
web Seyfer Sales Autos and auto parts sales website
web Dead Flowers Rock and Roll wellness website.
web Mystic Sun Gaming website
web Jimmy Kunes Website
web Dead Flowers Website Version 1
web Apha Fab Website.
web Website for Rocky Mtn. Taxidermy
web Cold transportation company website design.
web New Rod Experience website
web Event website for Western CO Red Hatters
web Vanilla Fudge Website
web Website for the Tri-State Swap Meet
web Rumble at Berkley Website
web Carmine Appice website
web New Website for the Collector Car council of Colorado
web Website developed for DDrum
web Website developed for Vinny Appice.
web Website developed for Twin Cactus Ranch.
web Website developed for Timothy Custom Woodworking
web Website developed for Silverthorne.
web Website developed for The Rod Experience.
web Website developed for Rocking S Diesel Performance.
web Website developed for The QuarterByte.
web Website developed for Progressive Signs.
web Website developed for Orion Guitars.
web Website developed for Front Range Laser
web Website developed for Carmine and Vinny Appice.
web Website developed for Destroked.
web Website developed for Brian Tichy.
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